Virtual Server | Owner Login

We are looking to change or hide information presented to the user via the virtualmin interface, as an example on the Virtual Server Details page.

Currently there is a line called IP address. This shows the client the internal private IP of the server and not the public IP of their site. Is there a way to present the Public IP on this page (and remove the Shared by all Servers)?

Also, i have read that the Webmin panel can be removed to just present the Virtualmin panel, however this functionality does not seem to work. Is there another option to hide that?

With respect to the Backup destinations, is there some place to change the options presented? Specifically only present local, FTP and download in browser as options?



Regarding display of the IP address, currently this cannot be configured. However, I will make the external IP visible on that page in the next release.

You can hide the Webmin panel from non-root users as follows :

  1. Login as root to the UI
  2. Click "Configure this page" on the top right.
  3. Change "Show Webmin tab on left menu?" to "Only for master administrator", and click "Save"

As for the backup destinations, there is no way to limit these - but domain owners will only have access to remote destinations whose credentials they enter, such as FTP, SSH and S3.