Password Protected Web Pages

Can I set the server to require a user name and password to enter a specific public html page. For example, for the web address I would like the user to have to enter a user name and password (which I or they can easily manage) before visual access to the contents of that webpage is granted. Ideally even, a failed login attempts barrier would prevent abuse of that login.



I don't think Virtualmin can password-protect single files. As far as I've seen, it only supports entire directories.

You'd have to do that manually, e.g. like explained here:

To lock out remote users (e.g. based on their IP) after a number of failed attempts, you can use software like "Fail2Ban" or "CSF/LFD". Virtualmin does not have a built-in function to do that. A Webmin module exists though to manage CSF through Webmin.