Webmin quota CC reveals server admin email

If "Also CC email to" is enabled in the Webmin quota module, then it generates an email with a CC header. This means that the recipient (which may be a regular user on a shared host) will see the webmin administrator's email or user account name in the "Carbon Copy" field.

Please try to use BCC instead, even though it would require some changes to send_text_mail.

Closed (fixed)


Your last sentence isn't clear .. I assume you are suggesting we use BCC instead?

Oops, yes I meant using BCC to hide the server admin's email address.

Ok, makes sense - I'll fix this in the next Webmin release.

Thanks, beautiful, I look forward to being able to finally BCC myself quota reports. I've been avoiding it until now to avoid leaking the internal admin/cronjob mailbox. ;)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.