Backup Cloudmin to S3


I bought cloudmin pro as I believed it made it possible to backup your servers to s3. I can't find in the documentation I have seen where it tells you how to do this.

Have I missed something important? cloudmin

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Howdy -- while Virtualmin supports backing up domains to S3, sending backups to S3 isn't something that Cloudmin supports.

One of Cloudmin's main features is to provision new VPS's -- and Cloudmin Pro allows you to provision them using an Amazon EC2 instance (amongst other options).

However, if you don't need to create new VPS's, if you're just looking to create Virtualmin backups that go to Amazon S3, you can configure that in Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backup, and while configuring your scheduled backup, you can set the Backup Destination to "Amazon S3 bucket".

Oh Crap,

and here I thought I could backup my VM's to EC2......

damn. what a drag.


We want you to know that you aren't stuck with Cloudmin if you find it isn't what you want -- we'll gladly issue a refund if you want one.

Cloudmin doesn't currently support backing up Virtual Machines to S3 -- I suspect the logic there is that VM's can be rather huge, so the cost involved in using S3 to store them might be high.

If that's a feature you're interested in, we can see what Jamie thinks about that.

At the moment though, Cloudmin only supports backing up to the host, to FTP, or to an SSH server.

You could, of course, purchase an Amazon EC2 instance, setup SSH on it, and then have Cloudmin backup to that.

Backing up to S3 is a good idea for a new feature - I will look into adding this for the 7.0 release of Cloudmin.

However, it may not be ideal if you need to recover VMs quickly, as reading from and writing to S3 over the internet is likely to be much slower than a local server, especially for the multi-GB files created by VM backups.

FYI, this feature has almost been implemented - let me know if you'd like a beta release of Cloudmin to try it out.

Hi Jamie,

How would this affect my current running system?

I would be happier if I had a back up :-)


It will be safe to install and use on a running system.

Ok I am game Jamie,

Shoot it across please


I can send you an updated package. Are you running Cloudmin pro or GPL, and on which linux distribution?

I am running Cloudmin pro

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1 Webmin version 1.620 Cloudmin version 6.9

Ok, sending you an update now.

And closing this bug, as S3 backup support is complete.

Sorry this has taken so long but this is the first opportunity I have had to test this.

Running a test on one of my VM's today

First thing that I would suggest is either giving the user the opportunity to store the zip file in a custom directory or they will fill up their / drive as I did.

The default install does not create a separate /tmp directory.

It seems to complain about authorisation for the bucket.

I am using the same user credentials I set for my virtualmin backups


What error are you getting exactly when you try the backup?

Hi Jamie,

I get Base destination directory vminguests on Amazon S3 Backup files Date and time completed 01/Apr/2013 21:22 Backed up system Final status Failed : Failed to transfer to destination : Upload failed : HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Backup ID 1364844163_135998546652120

I can give you access to my server if you want to see for yourself.


Apologies for taking so long.

Have sent a mail


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