[SERVER TEMPLATE] Default system creation makes hard DNS assumptions

If you allow Virtualmin to create and manage the DNS zone (as opposed to giving it a pre-defined zonefile definition), you end up a lot of very hard assumptions.

For instance, it creates "m.dom.com" for mobile visitors, "mail.dom.com" for the MX record, etc. There isn't even any way to set backup MX records or MX record priorities.

Would be better if there was a way to override the default MX record to point to the proper, external hostname of the server machine. Listing machine names and priorities to be added to the zone, and so on.

I guess this is a pretty minor issue, since most people don't have a need to override this. I've got a more advanced system and had to resort to providing zone file templates instead, which of course is what that feature is there for. So I guess this is hardcoded system is actually "working as intended."

Closed (works as designed)


Yes, I don't think we need to change the current design - advanced users can already customize the DNS records as they wish using the template, and the defaults work OK.