[SSH-ONLY] Hide FTP Users

When creating sub-users within a domain, you can choose between Email or Email+FTP account types.

If your system only allows SFTP/SSH, then it makes sense more sense to not even be able to choose the "Email+FTP" option.

Also, it may be worth looking into some way to allow SFTP access via a special daemon that does not allow regular shell login, so that we could have "Email" "Email+FTP" "Email+SFTP" and "Email+Shell/SFTP" users, with them internally being FTP, SFTP-only, and SSH, respectively.

Closed (works as designed)


We are unlikely to ever implement a custom SSH daemon .. but perhaps some of what you want could be done with an scponly shell?

I can understand why, since such "SSH emulator" SFTP daemons are only available as 3rd party packages.

scponly sounds like a good workaround.

Marked this as working then. The "Custom Shells" page in Virtualmin should give you enough flexibility to add new shell types, and control which shells are available to which users..