12.04 lts postfix issue

I disabled postfix via webmin "bootup and shutdown", but it is still shown as active in the virtualmin "system information" section. I clicked on refresh and I also clicked on the "stop" button, but it is still shown as "on" (but webmin shows it as "off"). I also clicked on the "stop" button in webmin -> postfix server, but doesn't work either.

What could be wrong (this is a fresh 12.04 virtualmin gpl install).


By the wat, you could probably add 12.04 to the "OS dropdown list" here in the ticket system now :-)

Closed (fixed)


So if you click the "stop" button for Postfix on the system information page, does it still show postfix as running on that same page?

The "bootup and shutdown" page also controls if Postfix is started at boot time, which is independent from whether it is running now.

If I click on the stop button via virtualmin sys info or in webmin postfix-server the result is the same. The server is still shown as "on" (or in wemin you can still see the stop button)

Does the status get displayed correctly if you click the "Refresh system information" link on the top-right of the System Information page?

no, it doesn't help (as mentioned already in my first post)

Just an update. After two days (and installing various different packages and updates in between) I noticed, that the "stop/start" function works again. Not sure what changed, but it is working now.

Sorry, but I wasn't able to re-produce this issue at all on an Ubuntu 12.04 test system ... but since it is working for you now, I guess we can call it fixed.

Ok. Not sure whether an Ubuntu fixed the issue and/or it was a problem because I had used an early version of the installer. But it seems to work now.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.