bug with xen instances and real interfaces and assigning IP's

So I found another bug with Xen and VM.

With Xen you can add/assign new IP's to any instance as virtual or real interfaces.

However VM Pro doesn't seem to understand real interfaces and it doesn't see them at all when you are trying to assign a private IP to support SSL sites.

As you know Xen doesn't just assign them it also brings the real/virtual interfaces up.

I tried to edit the domains config manually and set the iface option but still VM Pro doesn't see this either that the domain has a private IP.

I don't know what else to try here... maybe you can help ?



So did you add a real interface (eth1 for example) to the Xen instance, but was unable to create a virtual server that was using that as a private IP?

On the creation form, did you enter the IP and check the "already active" box? If so, what error message did you get?

I forgot to mention that the domain was imported thus no option "already active" box.

As for trying to assign the IP it simply failed with the normal SIOCSIFADDR failed.

So this was an imported domain, with the IP set to that of eth1 or some other real interface?

When exactly did you get the "SIOCSIFADDR" error?

It was a existing domain hosted on another VM Pro server that I tried to move via CM but that failed because of the SSL and private IP so I backed it up and did a restore on the Xen server. The only way I got it to restore was to use the shared IP which of course killed the SSL. Then the only way I could assign the eth1 IP was to go into the admin menu -> Addresses and Networking -> Change IP Addresses.

I kept getting the bad IP errors when I tried to assign the private IP via the domains menu -> Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.

Try this method :

  1. Go to Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses.
  2. Add the IP that is on eth1.
  3. Go to Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, and switch the domain to that IP.

I sort of did that but the problem still remains that the IP is shared and not private to that domain. Maybe you aren't understanding that is the whole problem here... I can't assign a private IP for a imported/restored domain.

This needs to be fixed. I don't need more issues on top of this one for every domain I import and restore that needs its own IP.

So I just tested this on a Xen instance with an extra eth1 interface, and I was able to move a domain to the IP on eth1 at Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, by checking the "already active" box.

Also, a shared IP with only a single domain on it is exactly the same as a private IP.

I pointed out that I did that already... I guess you aren't reading everything so let's just ignore this and close the tickets since we are just going in circles here.

Since I can't re-produce this, the only way I could debug it further is to actually login to the system on which you are seeing the problem ..