Creating a GCE Virtual Machine

Once you have registered at least one GCE project with Cloudmin, you can create a GCE instance under that project as follows :

  1. On the left menu, open the Create System category and click on Create GCE instance. This will open the Create New System page.
  2. In the Internet hostname field, enter the hostname you want this system to be setup with. Note that this will not be automatically registered in DNS.
  3. In the System description field enter a short description, like "Foo Corp's webserver".
  4. From the SSH key for root menu, select one of your keys. GCE instances can only be accessed using a key, so you must have at least one key registered with Cloudmin first.
  5. Under Host and networking options , select an image to create this instance from using the GCE system image menu. By default only images from the standard Linux distributions provided by GCE are listed.
  6. To change the resources available to the instance, select a size from the GCE instance type menu.
  7. To control the location the instance will be created in, select a region from the Create instance in zone menu.
  8. Click the Create button.

Once instance creation completes, you will be able to manage the system like any other VM created by Cloudmin. This process typically takes between 1 and 5 minutes, depending on the location and image size.