Updates installed packages on multiple systems, and displays the results.

This command updates some or all packages on selected systems, using YUM, APT, CWS or other supported package management systems. Only systems running Webmin 1.500 or later or Virtualmin can be updated.

By default, all available updates are installed. However, you can limit this to just Virtualmin-specific updates with the --virtualmin flag.
To select specific packages, use the --package flag followed by a name like dovecot.

This command can also be used to install packages from YUM or APT on managed systems, with the --install flag. In this mode, packages chosen with the --package flag will be downloaded and installed if missing from the chosen systems.

Example usage

  cloudmin update-systems --host xennoupdate.home
  Updating packages on 1 systems ..
  xennoupdate.home: OK spamassassin mod_perl

Command Line Help

Updates installed packages on some or all managed systems.

cloudmin update-systems [--all-hosts] | [--host name]*
                        [--group name]*
                        [--type real|kvm|gce|this]*
                        [--os oscode]*
                        [--owner name]*
                        [--status status-code|"up"|"wm"|"bad"]
                        [--host-on name]
                        [--os oscode]*
                        [--package name]* | [--virtualmin]