Transfer a file between two systems

This command copies a file between two systems managed by Cloudmin, using a direct copy with scp where possible. The source system is specified with the --source flag, and the target with --dest. The file or directory to copy is set with --file. By default it will be copied to the same path on the target, unless the --destfile parameter followed by a new filename is given.

To double-check that the file was transferred correctly, use the --checksum flag. This will trigger an md5 checksum on the source and destination files.

If the file being copied is actually a device (such as a partition or LVM logical volume), use the --device flag to have Cloudmin transfer it in the correct way.

By default Cloudmin will transfer the file directly from the source system to the destination. However, you can force the transfer to go via the master system instead with the --via-master flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin transfer-file --source xencentos.home --dest xensendmail.home --file /etc/hosts --destfile /tmp/hosts
  Copying /etc/hosts on xencentos.home to /tmp/hosts on xensendmail.home ..
  .. done

Command Line Help

Copies a file from one managed system to another.

cloudmin transfer-file --source hostname
                       --dest hostname
                       --file path
                      [--destfile path]
                      [--checksum [--checksum-size bytes]]