Create a MySQL login on some provisioning system.

This command creates a new MySQL login on some system that is able to provision MySQL instances, and returns details of the host on which the login was created. Callers must supply the --user flag followed by a MySQL username, --pass followed by a password for that user, and optionally --remote followed by an additional IP address to grant access from.

The --domain-owner flag indicates that this login is the owner of a virtual server and so cannot be removed unless any databases that he owns are first deleted.

For a user who is not a domain owner, you can grant them access to existing databases at creation time with the --database flag, followed by a DB name. This can be given multiple times.

Example usage

  cloudmin provision-mysql-login --user booble --pass foo --owner kvmprovision
  OK: host=lentor.home

Command Line Help

cloudmin provision-mysql-login --user username
                               --pass password | --encpass password
                              [--owner name]
                              [--remote ip]*
                              [--database name]*