Moves a virtual system from one host to another

This command allows you to transfer a Xen instance or other supported virtual system from one hosting server to another. It can be useful if the original host is getting overloaded, and you have brought a new host system online to take some of the load.

During the move process, the system specified with the --host flag will generally be temporarily shut down and un-available. All data files will be copied to the new host (set with the --dest flag), modified as needed, and then the virtual system restarted.

By default, the move will be done without shutting down the virtual system if possible. However, you can force a shutdown and restart with the --shutdown flag. In some cases (such as when the source and destination host systems use different directories), the virtual system may be shut down anyway.

If the --allocate-ip flag is given and the destination host system uses a different IP range to the source host (perhaps because it is on a different network), Cloudmin will select a new IP address as part of the move process.

If a system has been already moved manually, the --manual flag can be used to tell Cloudmin to simply update its configurations to reflect the new host.

By default this API command will not exit until the move process completes. However, you can use the --background flag to have most of the work performed in the background once initial checks are complete.

Example usage

  cloudmin move-system --host xengtest.home --dest geylang.home
  Moving Xen system xengtest.home from sentosa.home to geylang.home ..
  Shutting down on original host system ..
  .. done
  Copying disk images to new host system ..
      Copying disk /xen/xengtest.img ..
      .. copied image of 1001 MB
      Copying disk /dev/cdrom ..
      .. not a disk image, so cannot be copied
      Copying disk /xen/xengtest.3.img ..
      .. copied image of 200 MB
  .. copied 2 disk images totalling 1.17 GB
  Fixing and copying Xen config file /xen/xengtest.cfg ..
  .. copied to /xen/xengtest.cfg
  Deleting disk and config files from original host ..
  .. done
  Starting up on new host system ..
  .. done
  Re-fetching system status ..
  .. done.
  .. all done

Command Line Help

Moves a virtual system from one host to another.

cloudmin move-system --host name
                     --dest new-host-system-name
                    [--disk-directory path | --no-disk-directory]