Mounts the filesystem on the host for some system.

This command makes the filesystems for some virtual machine available as a directory on its host system, by mounting its main virtual disk. This will allow you to login to the host and access the virtual system's files using regular Unix commands.

The system whose filesystem should be mounted is set with the --host flag. It must be currently down, and the filesystem must be un-mounted before it can be started up again. By default the virtual disk is mounted in a directory under /mnt, but you can change this with the --dir flag.

On a system that uses whole-disk images with multiple partitions, Cloudmin will by default mount the partition containing the /etc directory. However, you can select a different partition with the --want-dir flag followed by a path that must exist on the partition, like /grub.

Example usage

  cloudmin mount-system --host xencentos.home
  Mounting filesystem for xencentos.home ..
  .. mounted at /mnt/xen-xencentos.home on host sentosa.home

Command Line Help

Mounts the filesystem on the host for some system.

cloudmin mount-system --host name
                     [--dir mount-point]
                     [--want-dir directory]