Set provisioning limits for some system owner.

This command changes limits on provisioning features for some system owner. The owner to modify is set with the --name parameter. Limits are changed with flags like --max-dns or --max-mysql followed by a number. To deny an owner access to a provisioning feature completely, use a flag like --no-dns or --no-mysql.

Example usage

  cloudmin modify-owner-provision --name xencentos --no-dns --max-mysql 5
  Updated Cloudmin system owner xencentos
Command Line Help
cloudmin modify-owner-provision --name owner
                               [--max-dns count | --no-dns]
                               [--max-dnsslave count | --no-dnsslave]
                               [--max-mysql count | --no-mysql]
                               [--max-mysqldb count | --no-mysqldb]
                               [--max-virus count | --no-virus]
                               [--max-spam count | --no-spam]