Change some or all records in a DNS zone.

This command can be used to add, delete or completely replace the DNS records in an existing provisioned domain, selected with the --domain flag. You must also supply the --host flag followed by the hostname of the system on which the domain was provisioned.

The operation to perform is selected with the --add , --delete or --replace flag. The records to add or delete are set with the --record flag, each occurrance of which must be followed by a record in BIND text format. This flag can be given multiple times.
When records are being deleted, the name, type and value must match.

Example usage

  cloudmin modify-dns-records --owner kvmprovision --host lentor.home --domain --add --record "www IN A"
  OK: host=lentor.home

Command Line Help

cloudmin modify-dns-records --domain name
                            --host name
                           [--owner name]
                            --add | --remove | --delete
                           [--record text]*