Ouput a list of all users of some MySQL DB

This command displays information about all MySQL users who have access to some database, identified by the --database and --host flags. Alternately, it can fetch information about a specific user with the --user flag instead of --database.

The output format can be switched to one that is more program-friendly with the --multiline parameter. If run from the command line or remotely by root the --owner flag must also be given, followed by the name of a system owner who is allowed to provision databases.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-provision-mysql-users --database kvmprovision --host lentor.home --owner kvmprovision
  Username             Password             Hosts                              
  -------------------- -------------------- -----------------------------------
  kvmprovision         *E474E7F197FAC1D7280             

Command Line Help

cloudmin list-provision-mysql-users --database name | --user name
                                    --host hostname
                                   [--owner name]