Lists bandwidth use for all systems belonging to some owner over some date range

This command outputs hourly or per-minute bandwidth usage stats for selected owner's systems. It provides the same information as the bandwidth graphs in the web UI, but in a format that can be parsed or graphed by other programs. Owners are chosen with the --owner flag, or you can select all of them with --all-owners.

The date range to output is selected by the --start and --end flags, which must be followed by either a date in yyyy-mm-dd format, or a number of days into the past from the current date like -5. If the start date is not given, data from the time the system was created is output. If the end is ommitted, data up to the current time is displayed.

By default, per-hour totals are shown. However, you can switch to per-minute data with the --minute flag. Also, output is by default rounded to the nearest MB or GB to make it more readable - but you can switch to showing the exact number of bytes with the --exact flag.

Note that for data collected before Cloudmin 7.2, the bandwidth used by all systems managed by the selected owners currently is included - even if they were not managed at some point in the page. After Cloudmin 7.2, bandwidth is properly accounted to the owner at the time of measurement.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-owner-bandwidth --owner bob --start -2
   Date/time            Data in      Data out     Packets in   Packets out
   23/Jul/2009 18:00    20.45 MB     21.44 MB     46330        45834
   23/Jul/2009 19:00    23.74 MB     25.24 MB     54678        54568
   23/Jul/2009 20:00    42.05 MB     43.64 MB     82733        84325

Command Line Help

Shows bandwidth usage by system owner and time

cloudmin list-owner-bandwidth [--start yyyy-mm-dd]
                              [--end yyyy-mm-dd]
                              [--owner name]* | [--all-owners]