Lists all GCE instance types for

This command lists the GCE instance sizes that can be used when creating new VMs. By default a human-readable table is shown, but you can use the --name-only flag to get just size names, or --multiline to get full details in a parsable format.

By default sizes from your first registered project will be shown, but you can select a specific project with the --project flag. Because instance sizes are associated with a zone, you can specify the optional --zone flag to choose one - otherwise the first known zone will be used. However,
most sizes should be available for all projects and zones.

An instance size can be used when creating a new GCE instance with the command, with the --gce-size parameter.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-gce-sizes
  Size name            Description
  -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------
  f1-micro             1 vCPU (shared physical core) and 0.6 GB RAM
  g1-small             1 vCPU (shared physical core) and 1.7 GB RAM
  n1-highcpu-16        16 vCPUs, 14.4 GB RAM
  n1-highcpu-2         2 vCPUs, 1.8 GB RAM
  n1-highcpu-2-d       2 vCPUs, 1.8 GB RAM, 1 scratch disk (870 GB)
  n1-highcpu-4         4 vCPUs, 3.6 GB RAM

Command Line Help

Lists all GCE instance sizes.

cloudmin list-gce-zones [--multiline | --name-only]
                        [--project ID]
                        [--zone name]