Lists all GCE images available for all projects

This program displays all GCE images available to some or all of your GCE projects. To restrict the project it shows them for, use the --project parameter. To show more details about each image, add --multiline to the command line. To just get a list of image IDs, use the --name-only flag instead.

By default both public and your own images will be shown, but you can restrict this with the --public-only or --private-only flags.

By default only the latest version of public images that have multiple date named versions will be shown. However, you can force display of older versions with the --all-images flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-gce-images
  Image name                               Size       Project
  ---------------------------------------- ---------- --------------------
  backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20131127      10 GB      Public
  backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140318      10 GB      Public
  backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140331      10 GB      Public
  backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140408      10 GB      Public
  backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140415      10 GB      Public

Command Line Help

Lists all available GCE machine images.

cloudmin list-gce-images [--multiline | --name-only]
                         [--project ID]
                         [--public-only | --private-only]
                         [--latest-only | --all-images]