Lists all EC2 availability zones for all accounts

An availability zone can be considered to be a datacenter or location in which EC2 instances can be hosted. This command outputs a list of all those available,
optionally limited to some EC2 account specified with the --account flag. By default a table format is used, but you can switch to the more detailed and parsable format with the --multiline flag, or get a list of just zone names with --name-only.

An availabilty zone can be used when creating a new EC2 instance with the command, with the --ec2-availability-zone parameter.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-ec2-availability-zones
  Zone name                      State                Account     
  ------------------------------ -------------------- ------------
  us-east-1a                     available            093590521311
  us-east-1b                     available            093590521311
  us-east-1c                     available            093590521311

Command Line Help

Lists all EC2 availability zones.

cloudmin list-ec2-availability-zones [--multiline | --name-only]
                                     [--account number]