Output all records in some provisioned zone.

This command returns all the DNS records in some zone, selected with the --domain flag. You must also supply the --host flag followed by the name of the system the zone was provisioned on, and optionally --owner followed by a system owner name to operate as.

By default the output is in a human-readable table format, but can be switched to a machine-readable format with the --multiline flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-dns-records --owner kvmprovision --host lentor.home --domain
  Name                Type Values                                                
  ------------------- ---- ----------------------------------------------------
  @                   SOA  fudu.home. 1245699326 10800
  www                 A
  @                   NS   lentor.home.

Command Line Help

cloudmin list-dns-records --domain name
                         --host name
                        [--owner name]