Lists virtual disks on some system

By default, this command outputs a table of virtual disks on the system identified with the --host parameter. However, you can get more detail with the optional --multiline flag, which will include their mount points and filesystem types (where available).

For iSCSI disks, you can use the --show-iscsi flag to display additional information about the underlying disk device on the iSCSI server. However, this will make the command slightly slower to execute.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-disks --host xencentos.home
  Real file                      Device on system     Type       Size      
  ------------------------------ -------------------- ---------- ----------
  /xen/xencentos.img             /dev/sda1            File       2 GB      
  /xen/xencentos-disk2.img       /dev/sdb             File       1024 MB   
  /xen/xencentos-disk3.img       /dev/sdc             File       1024 MB   
  /xen/xencentos-disk4.img       /dev/sdd             File       1024 MB   
  /xen/xencentos-disk5.img       /dev/sde             File       1024 MB   
  /xen/xencentos-var.img         /dev/sda3            File       1024 MB   

Command Line Help

Lists all disks on some virtual system.

cloudmin list-disks --host hostname