Lists all Citrix Xen VM templates.

This command lists all Citrix Xen templates that can be used for creating new VMs on some host system. By default it will show all of them in a table, but you can use the --multiline parameter to display more details in a machine-readable format, or --name-only to just show UUIDs.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-citrix-templates --host citrixhome
  Name                                                         Size      
  ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
  CentOS 4.5                                                   8 GB      
  CentOS 4.6                                                   8 GB      
  CentOS 4.7                                                   2 GB      
  CentOS 5.0                                                   8 GB      
  CentOS 5.0 x64                                               8 GB      

Command Line Help

Lists all Citrix Xen templates on some host.

cloudmin list-citrix-templates --host name
                              [--multiline | --name-only]