Scan a hosting system for virtual instances already running on it

If you have added to Cloudmin a host system that has manually created Xen instances or OpenVZ containers which are not yet under Cloudmin's control,
this command can be used to find and automatically add them. The system to scan must be specified with the --host parameter, and if hosts more than one type of virtual system, the type to search for must be specified with the --type flag.

If the --same-login flag is given, Cloudmin will use the same SSH and Webmin username and password to login to any discovered systems as it currently uses for the host system. Alternately, you can select a different SSH password with --ssh-pass followed by a password, or --ssh-key followed by a key ID. The SSH username, protocol version and port can be changed from their defaults with the --ssh-user,--ssh-protocol and --ssh-port flags. Finally, to prevent SSH logins altogether, the --ssh-nologin flag can be given instead.

If Cloudmin is to login to Webmin or Virtualmin on the discovered systems, the --webmin-user and --webmin-pass flags must be given, followed by a username and password respectively. Alternately, you can use the --webmin-same flag to use the same credentials as for SSH access. The port for Webmin can be changed from the default of 10000 with the --webmin-port flag, and SSL access can be enabled with --webmin-ssh.

By default, Cloudmin will find all virtual systems on the host, regardless of whether they are currently running or not. To limit the search to instances that are active, add the --running-only flag to the command line.

Example usage

  cloudmin find-systems --host xenhost --ssh-nologin --running-only
  Finding Xen configuration files under /etc/xen, /xen ..
  .. found 3 files

  Finding running Xen instances ..
  .. found 2 instances

  Processing Xen configuration file /xen/centos64gpl.cfg
  .. instance centos64gpl is not currently running

  Processing Xen configuration file /xen/virtualmin-demo.cfg
  .. added system with status Down

  Processing Xen configuration file /xen/webmin-demo.cfg
  .. added system with status Down

Command Line Help

Searches a host system for existing virtual systems of some type.

cloudmin find-systems --host name
                     [--type kvm]
                     [--ssh-key id | --ssh-pass password |
                     [--ssh-user username]
                     [--ssh-port number]
                     [--ssh-protocol number]
                     [--webmin-same | --webmin-user username
                                      --webmin-pass password]
                     [--webmin-port number]