Disables Virtualmin domains on managed systems

This command disables a domain (specified with the --domain parameter) on which every Cloudmin-managed system hosts it. This can be normally worked out automatically, but if the same domain exists on more than one machine, you will need to add --host followed by the correct hostname.

When the command is run, it will display all of the output from the disable-domain.pl command on the remote system. More than one domain can be disabled by specifying the --domain parameter multiple times.

Example usage

  cloudmin disable-domains --domain wibble.com
  Disabling Virtualmin domain wibble.com on fudu.home ..
  Disabling virtual server wibble.com ..
  Removing from email domains list ..
  .. done
  Locking mail users' accounts ..
  .. done
  Renaming DNS zone to disable it ..
  .. done
  Replacing website with error page ..
  .. done
  Locking MySQL user's password ..
  .. MySQL user can only be disabled in master domain
  Saving server details ..
  .. done
  Re-starting DNS server ..
  .. done
  Applying web server configuration ..
  .. done
  All done!.. disabled successfully
  Refreshing status of changed systems ..
  .. done

Command Line Help

Disables one or more Virtualmin domains on managed systems.

cloudmin disable-domains --domain name [--domain name]*
                        [--host source.hostname]