Deletes a virtual system or systems

Virtual systems can also be deleted from the command line. This should be done with extreme care, as you will not get any confirmation before deletion happens, and all data on the system will be lost forever. The system to destroy is specified with the --host parameter.

If the --keep flag is given, collected information about the system such as bandwidth and memory usage will be preserved by Cloudmin.
If a new system is later created with the same ID, the collected information will be associated with it.

If the --keep-disks flag is given, any virtual disks or filesystem associated with the system will be preserved on its host until manually removed or connected to another system.

Example usage

  cloudmin delete-system --host xennoupdate.home
  Deleting Xen system xennoupdate.home ..
  .. deleted successfully

Command Line Help

Deletes one or more managed systems.

cloudmin delete-system [--host name]*
                       [--owner name]*