Creates a new GCE disk.

This command creates a new GCE disk, which can be attached to GCE instances. The --name parameter must be given to specify the name of the new disk, which must be unique. Also the --project parameter can be used to control which GCE project the disk is created under, if you have more than one.

By default the disk is created in the project's preferred zone, but you can select a different location with the --zone parameter. A disk can only be attached to GCE instances in the same zone.

Disks can be created either empty (in which case the --size parameter sets the size in GB), from an image whose name is chosen with the --image param, or from a snapshot chosen with the --snapshot flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin create-disk-volume --name test4 --size 5 --zone us-central1-b
  Creating GCE disk named test4 ..
  .. created successfully

Command Line Help

Creates a GCE disk.

cloudmin create-gce-disk --project number
                         --name disk-name
                        [--zone name]
                        [--size GB]
                        [--snapshot name | --image name]