Creates a new empty virtual system of some type

This command creates a new system that is initially empty, but can be setup by installing an operating system from a CD. The required parameters are :

--host hostname A short hostname for the system to create, which will also be used as the Xen or VServers instance name. --desc description A human-readable name for the system, which you will typically have to quote. --type code The virtualization type code, like ''xen'' ''zones'' or ''vservers''

The CD image to install from can either be specified with the --imagefile flag followed by a filename on the host system, or the --image flag followed by the ID of a system image in ISO format. If neither are given, a VM with an empty disk is created - however, it will be un-usable until either a CD image is attached, or an operating system image is copied to the disk.

The flag --start-at-boot can be given to have the new system restarted when its host system reboots. Alternately, you can use --no-start-at-boot to disable this. If neither flag is given, the Cloudmin default setting (chosen on the Cloudmin Configuration page in the UI) is used.

Once creation completes, you will need to use the Graphical Console page in the Cloudmin UI to complete the installation process.

Example usage

  cloudmin --type xen --host functest --desc 'Empty host' --xen-disksize 1024 --image xen-lenny-cd
  Copying CD image file to host system sentosa.home ..
  .. already in host cache
  Starting creation of empty Xen system ..
  .. creation started
  Waiting for creation to complete ..
  .. creation complete
  Adding DNS entry functest.home. for IP address ..
  .. done
  Configuring Xen instance for VNC console access ..
  .. added on dynamic port
  Starting up new Xen instance ..
.. failed to start : Xen instance was started, but could not be accessed via SSH after 60 seconds
  Refreshing status ..
  .. done (noping)
  Enabling at hosting system boot ..
  .. done
  Creation of empty Xen system functest.home is complete

Command Line Help

Creates a new empty virtual system of some type.

cloudmin create-empty-system --host name
                             --type kvm
                            [--desc "system description"]
                            [--image id | --imagefile path]
                            [--id number]
                            [--disk-directory dir]
                            [--start-at-boot | --no-start-at-boot]
                            [--owner name]