Creates a new EC2 EBS volume.

This command creates a persistent block device that can be attached to one or more EC2 instances. Unless the disk storage on regular instances, it will survive even if the instance is deleted or rebooted, and so can be used to store filesystems for long-term data such as MySQL databases.

To create a volume, you must give the --account flag followed by your EC2 account ID, and the --zone flag followed by an availability zone to create it in. Zones can be listed by the API command.

The volume's size can be set either with the --size parameter followed by a size in GB, or the --snapshot flag followed by the ID of a snapshot to copy. Existing snapshots are listed by the command.

Once created, a volume can be attached to running systems with the command.

Example usage

  cloudmin create-ec2-volume --account 12345678 --size 5 --zone us-east-1a
  Creating EC2 volume for account 12345678 ..
  .. created with ID vol-0334d16a

Command Line Help

Creates an EC2 volume.

cloudmin create-ec2-volume --account number
                           --zone name
                           --size GB | --snapshot ID