Packages an EC2 system up as an AMI

This command can be used to convert an existing system running under EC2 into an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), hich can then in turn be used to create new EC2 instances. Unlike images made with the c<> command, they are not stored on your Cloudmin master system - instead, EC2 images are kept in your Amazon S3 account.

The command takes four mandatory parameters : --host followed by the name of the host to image, --bucket followed by an S3 bucket (directory) named to create the image in, --size followed by the image's root filesystem size in MB, and --account followed by one of your EC2 account numbers. If you want the new image to be publicly available for anyone to launch, you can add the --public parameter to the command line.

Because an image can be several GB in size, creation may take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the selected size and load on the source system.

Example usage

  cloudmin create-ec2-image --host --bucket test-ami-three --size 2000 --account 555555555555
  Creating EC2 image from ..
  Removing Virtualmin licence files ..
  .. done
  Resetting root password ..
  .. done
  Creating image from filesystem ..
  .. done
  Uploading filesystem image to S3 ..
  .. upload done
  Registering new image ..
  .. image ID is ami-5555555
  Undoing licence and password changes ..
  .. done
  .. image creation was successful! It can now be used to create new Virtualmin systems using Cloudmin.

Command Line Help

Converts an existing EC2 system into an AMI.

cloudmin create-ec2-image --host name
                          --bucket name
                          --size MB
                          --account number