unable to see the options copy "Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot , Postfix & ProFTPD" in virtualmin 6.10


I recently installed virtualmin 6.10 and and i went on to request for ssl cert from let's encrypt, the request was successful for my outgoing server but it seems the ssl cert is not copied to postfix and the others. The issue am facing is when go to copy ssl to "Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot , Postfix & ProFTPD" in virtualmin 6.10 these options are not appearing. So wondering what i might have done wrong. Can someone here help me to understand what i may have done wrong or how i can get this fixed. i am a bit stuck and want to get a few things going. Thanks

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We moved these options to a new Service Certificates tab on the SSL Certificate page.

Hi JamieCameron thank you so much, went to check and found the options.

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