install fail. mysql synax problem

A problem was found with your Postfix virtual maps : The map source mysql:/etc/postfix/ cannot be used : Failed to query table : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'from where = limit 1' at line 1



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like there may be some customization made to the Postfix config there... the Virtualmin install is designed to be run on a brand new installation, and could potentially fail when it's not a fresh install.

The problem here appears to be that the syntax added to Postfix may be incorrect though... that it's being configured to use MySQL rather than the default text files, and that the SQL being used may be incorrect.

So correcting that SQL may resolve the issue you're experiencing there.

However, we'd definitely recommend performing the Virtualmin install on a fresh install of your distro.

Note that while it is possible to configure Postfix to use MySQL as a storage backend, doing so is not something we'd be able to provide support for... sorry!

thank you for replying

my real problem is our vps package only has a pay-as-you-go support package. standard warez /methods / choices of their standard installs are included in free support. every time i ask for a change that's another process moved into the £60/£120 an hour support bracket

i would love to just pay someone good to fix the mostly installed virtualmin on the running server, without losing all the emails etc

which exact version of mysql is virtualmin expecting ?


Thanks for your response!

What's unusual in this case isn't so much the MySQL version, as it is that Postfix has been configured to use MySQL to store it's aliases (and possibly other things such as email addresses).

However, it's also that the current config appears to be not working properly, as the SQL statement it's attempting to run isn't working.

While that sort of Postfix setup is certainly achievable (that is, using MySQL as it's backend), it's fairly complex, and isn't something we'd typically recommend... but it's definitely not the default setup.

It sounds like your provider did that for you... which raises another concern about what other nonstandard configuration they had added.

To answer your question though, on CentOS 7, Virtualmin normally expects to see MariaDB 5.5.65.

As far as what to do about that -- that Postfix setup unfortunately isn't something we'd be able to correct though, I'm very sorry!

Your best options would likely be to either work with a sysadmin to correct that problem, or to try a different provider who offers a more standard environment.