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#1 Wed, 01/18/2012 - 02:11

DNS resolution failed

we added 2 more name server to nauers.ch since then the whole site is not been seen any longer on the web. Finally we deleted the domain and set up a brand new one, but still on a "External Connectivity Check* the message from below. We have other domains running on that server, we have not touched them, they all still work correct. Firewall has open port for TCP/UDP Does anyone see where this problem is found, I at the end of my knowledge. attached are the DNS file and error msg.

regards Tobias

Wed, 01/18/2012 - 10:05


Well, it looks like some of the nameservers listed for your domain aren't responding... it's these 3 IP addresses:,,

Are those IP's on your server?


Wed, 01/18/2012 - 13:15 (Reply to #2)

Thank you, yes 2 of them come from the rollernet.us DNS secondary server the other one is the main DNS server. I can not figure it out why the main server does not respond on that domain, the same Host server responses DNS requests for a other domain, that is my dilema.


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