Username and pwd on fresh install at Godaddy VPS

Installed on CentOS and all went well (Godaddy VPS), but the default login username and pwd for the OS does't work at https://ipaddress:10000 so how can I get in? Thank you!



Howdy -- if you're able to login as root/password via SSH, that should also work to access Virtualmin.

Is that the issue you're having though -- you can login as root via SSH, but using the same root password, you can't login to Virtualmin?

I cannot login as root, I have to login with my username, dallasray, and then do su - to get privs

But using dallasray and my password at the virtualmin login fails

I do not have the root password I cannot get the root password

I can only do su - after ssh to the instance with my normal username/pwd "dallasray"

Thanks you can close this ticket. I used

/usr/libexec/webmin/ /etc/webmin root newPassword

and it worked!

Ah, it sounds like there isn't a user setup as a Master Admin on your server.

What you may want to do is to set a password for the root user. Alternatively, you could setup your user with sudo privileges, but setting a password for your root user is a simpler way of solving that.

To do that, once you log into your server over SSH, and you su to root, you can type this command:

passwd root

After doing that, you should then be able to access Virtualmin as your root user.