Subversion Enabling User Login bug

Hi Guys,

On the Edit Users area after selecting a user, when enabling Subversion login I see the following error:

Failed to save mailbox : A password must be entered when enabling SVN for a user

The only way around the error is to enter a password for the user into the "Set To..." entry box at the top and then save the changes.

I am running 3.96 Virtualminpro and 4.9 Subversion repositories.

I have attached some images for documentation.


Closed (fixed)


Thanks for your report!

We may need Jamie's thoughts to get to the bottom of that, but one question comes to mind -- are you using hashed passwords on your server?

If you're using hashed passwords, it may not be able to automatically determine a password to put into the Subversion config for that user.

Hi Eric,

Great question, I don't believe we have enabled that feature yet since we still use the "Show" password feature.


Do you have digest authentication enabled for SVN? You can see this at Services -> Subversion Repositories -> Module Config -> Authentication type.

Hi Jamie,

I thought that I had tried both options "basic and digest" and received the same error, however I just double checked and you are correct. Only when Digest is enabled in the module configuration will it error when no new password is entered.

Thx, go ahead and mark this as working as designed.


I looked closer, and found a bug in Virtualmin that is triggered when digest mode is used. Switching back to Basic mode will fix it, until the next release of the SVN plugin.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.