What is the correct way to assign a new IP address in a Cloudmin -> Virtualmin environment?

I know this sounds like a silly question but everytime I try to do this I end up "just fiddling with things" until it works...

Here's the scenario... Cloudmin managing IPs and virtual machines. An existing site on an existing virtual machine is getting a new SSL cert so it needs an IP address - the virtual machine is an OpenVZ container running CentOS 5 and Virtualmin.

What I would like... From within the correct website inside Virtualmin I enable SSL and select the IP I want to assign (IPs are obtained from Cloudmin since it knows what IPs are available to use on this server). On save the IP is assigned to the domain (dns, web, etc are updated), the IP is assigned to the OpenVZ container in Cloudmin, the IP is added to the containers OpenVZ conf file with a message stating that a reboot of the container is necessary to activate the new IP address (and maybe a note about making sure the firewall is setup for the new IP).

That's it, assuming the firewall is correct, I can secure and install a new cert - done. A one-click process.




The most supported way to add an IP in Cloudmin / Virtualmin is as follows :

  1. In Cloudmin, select the VM and go to System Configuration -> Network Interfaces.
  2. Create a new virtual interface, with automatic IP allocation.
  3. Reboot the VM if prompted

Then in Virtualmin on the VM :

  1. Select the domain from the left menu.
  2. Go to Server Configuration -> Change IP Address
  3. In the "New IP address" field, enter the IP allocated in Cloudmin and check the "Already active" box, then click Change Now.
  4. Click "Edit Virtual Server" on the left, and in the "Features and plugins" section enable SSL and the save the domain.

This is even easier if you are creating a completely new domain with SSL enabled, as it can be done in Cloudmin at Virtualmin Settings -> Virtualmin Domains.

Ok, thanks!

How come in Host Systems -> IP Addresses some show the server name and some only say "In Use"?

-- Craig

The "In use" status means that Cloudmin could ping the IP, but it isn't owned by a system Cloudmin manages (as far as it knows).