Allow usermin access to MySQL db

I'm trying to let a user access his MySQL db via usermin. I can log in as him easily at There I see access to lots of features, but not database access.

Thinking that this is a configuration issue, I have gone to the root VirtualMin Pro pages. I've tried:

Webmin -> Usermin Configuration ->Available Modules, where I've learned that the MySQL module is enabled (besides, it's available to me in VirtualMin - or is that a different module?).

Webmin -> Usermin Configuration ->Reassign Modules, where I experimented with putting it under Usermin, etc., with no visible effect. I have restarted Virtual Min after each change, just in case.

Webmin -> Usermin Configuration ->Module Restrictions, where I discovered there were none.

I tried everything that I thought might possibly be related, including entries under the Webmin Configuration command, as well.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the options available when logged in as the user.

How do I give him access to editing the MySQL db? I could install phpmyadmin on his virtual server, but that seems like it should be unnecessary.



Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- if as the root user, you go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features for that user's domain, is the "MySQL Database" feature enabled?

Then, if you go into Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits -> Allowed capabilities and features, is "Can manage databases" enabled?

Yes, the MySQL database feature is enabled.

But no, I hadn't noticed the "Edit Owner Limits" link. That was the one I couldn't find!

In fact, there were other capabilities on that page that I was happy to give this particular site owner.

Thanks so much, andreychek. You gave me just the help that I needed!