Virtualmin doesnt de-activate virtual users and reactivate them in accordance to bandwidth allowance.

I have webhosting setup for several domains and bandwidth is being calculated via the cron job successfully. However even though the "Disable if over limit bandwidth?" is set to "yes" on all of the domains the server still keeps them active after it stated in the control pannel they are over their usage.



Does an email message get sent to domains that are over their bandwidth limit?

Normally if disabling is active, it happens at the same time email is sent ..

No, there is no email sent either.

I managed to get it deactivated once but i increased the bandwidth and run again and it didnt re-activate. I manually re-activated it and used its bandwidth as a test and it hasnt de-activated it again it just keeps it going.

If you go to System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring, what is the "Interval between sending emails" set to? Virtualmin will not email or disable if an email has been sent or disable done less than that many hours ago..