Group memberships doesn't show up within Virtualmin


I've run into a problem after installing nrpe (plugins for Nagios monitoring). The problem was that the installation edited the /etc/group file (more specific, it removed the "apache" group after the website users).

I've corrected this faulty behavior, but by doing that, I've discovered that Virtualmin/Webmin does not correctly reports witch user is in witch group.

If I look in let's say the apache group, none of the website users are in that group. If I look at a website user, it's reported to be in none of the existing groups. But if I look in the /etc/group file, the users are in the apache group.

I see this behavior at every Virtualmin Pro server we manage.

How can this be?


Justin. Signet BV.

Closed (fixed)


Hi Justin,

On which page are you looking to see membership of this group? If a user is a secondary member, you can see this at Webmin -> Systems -> Users and Groups -> Groups -> apache.

Hi Jamie,

I'm looking at the page you mention, but I don't see any users under "Users in group"? If I look under the user, I don't see anyting under "In groups".

Could you paste the line for the group from /etc/passwd to this bug report?

Also, make sure there aren't two lines for the same group ..


The Apache line from /etc/passwd: apache:x:48:48:Apache:/var/www:/sbin/nologin

One user from the /etc/group file: shout4sites::506:apache

I've checked the /etc/passwd file and the is only one line with apache in it.

Ok .. so that means that the shout4sites group has Apache's user as a member, as expected. If you click on that group in Virtualmin, you should see this membership.

This is needed for Apache to be able to access virtual server's home directories, so every server's group on your system should have apache as a member.